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You guys I am sorta scared. Its January and the residence office still have not told me about any openings in residence and I start this term and the term starts in like two days. What do I do? Do any of you know any Dons or anyone I can contact for something before the term starts. Im so mad that they haven't gotten back to me yet and I need to live somewhere. I can't do off campus housing cause its my first year and I have never been to Sudbury or Laurentian ever!!!!! That is why I am now asking any of you guys reading this TO PLEASE give me any advice on what to do or what I can do, thanks.
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if they haven't gotten back to you yet, there probably won't be any openings this term. Your best bet is to probably look for something off campus. As tough as it will be not having been to Sudbury before, it's better than not having a place to live.
Sometimes they do have people leave, but it's rare second term, at least in my opinion.
Good Luck!

Isn't off-campus housing a lot more expensive than on-campus housing for a single person. I would be really nervous about off-campus housing cause I would be completely by myself and I don't know anyone in Sudbury and I have never been to Sudbury or Laurentian ever for that matter so I don't think I could handle that.
It depends where. Sometimes you'll find someone's posted a listing for a roomate to share a place off campus, but you kind of have to be in Sudbury to look for those. I would suggest making a trip up to start looking for alternatives if they haven't gotten back to you yet.
Maybe try getting a hold of Laurentian Off Campus Students. It's an organization for off campus students that kind of makes sure they're not left out of the 'residence' type of experience...well, sort of.

Here's a link to the off campus housing office:
Best of luck!
I thought u were starting in the fall!... I wish you all the luck cuz u are in a tough spot!

So is Wednesday the actual start of classes or is there like a mini-orientation week for people starting this month for like a week and then classes actually start on another day (cause I am finding out that a lot of people I know, their classes start on the 9th) ? Like the whole process with registering and everything their was just really retarded. First I got sent my offer late in the mail for whatever reason, then I got my package to choose my classes really late, which when I come to think of how late they sent it to me was ridiculous. Then I realized that unlike most places, they don't send you a residence package or a meal plan package in the mail with everything else they send you and I have to look about that myself online, and now this delayed residence thing. Its ridiculously retarded in my opinion and I think I am going to complain about it.

Wednesday is the actual start of classes. As far as I know, there is no orientation.

Best of luck with getting things figured out.
Getting into residence was a tough process this year. Someone told me that it was the first time they actually had to turn away some frosh. They're building a new residence to help fix this problem. So thus, if it's so hard to get in at the beginning of the semester, you can imagine how hard it would be to get into residence 2nd semester.

The option I recommned is room & board. Many people in Sudbury rent out rooms specifically to university students. These people are often willing to help you find your way to and from school, etc. and offer advice and show you around Sudbury. The downside is that you'd be living only in a room in a house with strangers, but the upside is that many of these people are really friendly and accomodating. My friend does room & board and she loves it.

Well, classes start tomorrow and I still have not gotten a response from any of the residences. University of Sudbury is full, Thorneloe is full, UC and SSR so far are full and I haven't gotten a response from Huntington yet. I am soo screwed. I can't find any off campus housing for me when I start. Hopefully nothing much happens these next couple days. I hate this. Start getting your friends kicked out of their residences! LOL!