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Off Campus as of May 1st

I haven't posted much on this community, so I'll just quickly introduce myself. My name is Lisa, I'm 23 and I'm just in the middle of my first year as a Graduate student here at LU. I did my undergrad here too so I'm pretty familiar with how things work.

BUT..and here's where my post comes in. I've been living on campus the entire time. As fun as its been, I'm looking for some more freedom...that and I missed the first draw for the new resdience (silly me...time management, what's that??). So, what I'm posting about is this:

Is anyone looking for a new roomate or looking for someone to move off campus with. Most of my friends are either sticking around on campus, or are unsure what they're doing. OR if anyone knows of good places coming up for rent as of May 1st or so I'd love to have a heads up! Just comment if you can help me out!

Thanks in advance for the help!
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